The day is near. On June 5th, every voter in Flathead County can vote “FOR” the Egan Slough Initiative 17-01 to protect our water from the bottling plant.

This vote is absolutely critical and the public’s one opportunity to collectively stop MAWC. The ballot will be at all Flathead County polling stations, at the Flathead County election office, and can be requested by mail.

Thus, the time has come to educate the Flathead as much as possible to get people to turn out and vote. Yes! for Flathead’s Farms and Water is launching a major campaign in this effort, and volunteers are needed for making calls, canvassing, etc. Click here to sign up:

Flathead Unbottled will be partaking in the volunteer efforts, making noise, and reminding the Facebook sphere many, many times that June 5th is the day to vote “FOR” 17-01 to protect our water.

We, the people, can stop this bottling plant. Consider June 5th our day to open a big can of whoop-ass.

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What more can you do to help? 

1) Share this post

2) Donate $5 to the cause at - the community has spent more than $250,000 on legal and hydrology bills and now needs more funding to move forward with the lawsuit. 

3) Write letters to your local papers and lawmakers - the plant will dump its wastewater into Flathead River, which is a national navigable waterway and therefore is of national concern.

4) Give Governor Bullock shit. Here's his contact page:

5) Give the Flathead county commissioners shit

6) Turn up for the June 5th vote to support the Egan Slough Zoning District

7) Vow never to buy MAWC's water, under any circumstances, if it comes out on top.

Helpful Links:

Here's the link to the article in the Daily Interlake "DNRC Faces Tough Questions at DNRC Bottling-Plant Hearing"

Here's the link to the a blip in MPR: "Hearings Begin on Proposed Creston Water Bottling Plant" 

find out more at: Water for Flathead's Future

P.S. Did you hear esteemed Commissioner Phil Mitchell has been accused of a felony? Click here.

Here's an article on how the Flathead County Commissioners abused their discretion:

(That being said, there's still time to contact Governor Steve Bullock. As a reminder, he has nothing. Zero. Nada. Tell him to do his frickin' job and issue an Environmental Impact Statement. Click 'Take Action' below.) 



Read the whole story. The real one. 

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Take action

As a community, we do have a voice, and stopping this plant will require each and every one of us to step up and speak out. 

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