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Why are we here?

A land owner from California named Lew Weaver is proposing to draw 4.68 million gallons per year out of the Flathead River Aquifer by building a factory the size of three Walmarts in Creston. He will export most of it out of state as bottled water. The way we, the citizens of Flathead County, have been misled and deceived throughout this process has been shockingly undemocratic. 

As a group of frustrated young adults , most of whom were born and raised here, we hope to be a living, breathing voice for the Flathead Valley that hones in on the looming corporate threat to our water resource right now: Lew Weaver's Montana Artesian Water Company in Creston.

We are here to provide you with engaging content and latest information on things that are happening and how you can help; knowledge that isn't always readily offered by the government or covered fairly in the media.

 With our frequent updates on this site and active Facebook page, we'll keep you posted on the What, the Why, the How, and most importantly, the Who. Because you deserve to know what's up. 

Right now, our fellow citizens, our neighborhood, our water, and the land we love are all being threatened.  For us, that's personal.  



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Take action

As a community, we do have a voice, and stopping this plant will require each and every one of us to step up and speak out. 

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