• Creating a water-bottling plant is a bad idea, from the local to the global. In our Flathead community, the implications of a factory like this will have devastating impacts. How could creating, rinsing, and filling 140,000 bottles an hour, 24/7, 365 not? 

Community Impacts

  • Exporting this many bottles will require semi-trucks either arriving or leaving the plant on gravel farm roads every 6.5 minutes, perpetually. 
  • These farm roads and highways lead to two elementary schools: FME and Creston. 
  • The roads are not infrastructurally sound enough to handle this amount of traffic; even with neighborhood commutes, the roads eventually dissolve in the spring, exposing tree stumps underneath. 
    • One road heading east turns out onto the highway on a dangerous curve. 
    • The other road skims above a curvy road with drop-off cliffs to one side. 

Statewide Impacts

  • Creating a precedent that allows other corporate water predators to seek water resources 
  • Semis have the potential to clog Bigfork, and from there the Swan Highway andHighway 35 around the east side of Flathead Lake 

Global Impacts