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“Ignore your rights and they’ll go away.”

As someone who lives or has lived in the valley, you have the power to persuade the commissioners to approve the District addition. Give it your best shot! It can be short, and here are a few points about why the commissioners should allow the neighborhood to join the Egan Slough Zoning District on principle, as well as how the whole county will benefit.  To write a comment: introduce yourself, pick a point or think of one (or two or six), and send it in with "Dear Commissioners"...

1. As citizens, these neighboring farmers have the right to protect their quality of life and their property value from a loss of up to 50% from the building of this industrial plant that has the potential to equal the size of three Walmarts. The request to join the District represents a great contribution to the Flathead's agricultural heritage . The neighborhood includes some of the valley's last full-time farmers whose families have worked the land since 1900. 

2. The entire Flathead Valley community will benefit from the preservation of prime agricultural soil for production and food safety. 

3. The entire valley will benefit from open space and the wildlife habitat it provides for recreation.

4. The open space the district preserves will continue to augment the tourism industry. Do tourists come to see what makes the valley beautiful, or dust clouds, cement, and otherwise obvious industrialization?

5. The plant is asking for the ability to produce 140,000 20oz. bottles an hour to export 1.22 billion bottles a year. This will require operation 24/7, 360 days a year with over 90 semis arriving from who knows where and leaving the neighborhood daily to go around Flathead Lake and the Swan. The entire valley will benefit by warding off the inevitable traffic congestion and noise. 

6. The semi trucks will be constantly going through small farm roads that feed into both Fair-Mont-Egan and Creston elementary schools. Hundreds of small children are far better off without this added danger.

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Thank you!