‘We can’t believe this is happening, when the government is supposed to protect you. They’ve got to see that no one wants this.’
— Deirdre Coit, whose farm is less than 400 yards from the plant. © The Daily Inter Lake


We're doing our best to cut the crap and keep you informed, because the legal documents are weighty, obscure, and relatively mediocre. But you don't have to take our word for it. Below is a list of the primary sources, along with some context for things that seem...off. 

legal documents

  • List of wells potentially affected
    • 2,081 wells would be affected if the bottling plant made water levels drop. So why does the DNRC state that over 2,000 of them still qualify as "no impact"?
    • Only 34 people out of these 2,000+ received a letter notifying them of Lew's plant


  • List of nearly 40 legal objections filed by organizations all over the state. 
    • The DNRC gets to choose who objects to them. They threw out all but ten objections. 


  • The pubic notice for objections to the granting of the permit:


  • The DEQ's abominable EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)
    • No water discharge chemicals are evaluated. 
    • Dust, noise, and traffic are stated as "no impact," when their impacts were actually never evaluated. 
    • No assessment of the effect on property values in Lew Weaver's neighborhood, which are expected to drop up to 50%
[...] I don’t believe these state agencies are going to follow up on a problem.
— Bob Storer, Bigfork © The Daily Inter Lake