Right now, what stands between our community and putting a stop to MAWC is our government.

That's where you come in. 


The montana Department of ENVIRONMENTAL quality hasn't been doing diddly. 

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation didn't do diddly. 

We need to tell the governor that's not okay.

And right now, hope lies in the vote of the county Commissioners. 

Neighboring farmers have rallied together to join the current Egan Slough Zoning District, a historic citizen-initiated effort to protect the traditional Montana agriculture way of life. Basically, all the neighbors say "I promise not to chop my farm into lots of little pieces for thousands of dollars if you promise not to do the same to yours." It's very rare for these agreements to be reached; in fact, the Egan Slough Zoning District is the first of its kind in the valley.  If we can get this to go through, MAWC's production will be severely limited and possibly shut down. The law was created for citizens to stand up and protect themselves from disasters like MAWC, and its approval was in the commissioners' hands on September 8th. For incompetent reasons, the commissioners shut down the effort. The ballot-initiative is a strategy to override their decision. 

To Do's

Sign the petition or volunteer to collect signatures by June 27th. Then:

donate to water for flathead future 

We have been working in tandem with WFFF, which is bearing the costs of lawyers, studies on MAWC's impacts, and surveyors. Their most recent bill was $10,000; it's neither the first  nor the last of this size. Trade in your latte for a contribution toward the valley you know and love.

Donate here

 submit a comment to MT governor, Steve bullock

Ask Bullock to have his other agencies weigh in on the DEQ's Environmental Assessment, because they didn't assess what they were supposed to, and falsely claimed there are "no impacts." In other words, it's total crap, and they lied. Bullock is their boss, and he needs to know what a bad job they did and are continuing to do.

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